My daughter is 2.2 yrs old and suddenly stopped eating any food

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She used to be such a good eater. Ive offered her just about everything at this point and shes not even interested in eating her safe foods that she used to always eat.

It doesn't seem to be effecting her that shes not eating well because she is full of energy.

I really need advice, Is this some phase that shes going through? What can I offer her? because I've tried everything that I could think of, and should I be worried that she so suddenly started being this way?

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Have you kept a journal of when she goes poo? She might be constipated and tummy upset so doesn't want to eat. Also of her teeth are bothering her it might be time for a dentist appointment if you haven't started yet just to rule everything out.

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This happened to my son too. He used to eat most foods and then refused almost everything. My son is now almost 3 and now has regained his appetite to now eating most foods again. I hope your child is just going through a phase like mine was. Its so stressful when they refuse food, I used to cry at mealtimes every day x

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Could it be 2 year old molars? Or does she already have those?
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