Trying to reduce the amount of washing I dry in the house

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I’m lucky I have a dry, ventilated out building that I have freezer /tumble drier in- it has no heating however. I’ve put my clothes horse in & put drying lines on the roof- there’s windows that I can open but the washing isn’t drying…

Would a fan or dehumidifier help? If so which would be the cheaper running costs? Obviously if dry the washing will be out on line - for rainy days only (unfortunately we have many of those in Scotland!).


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A dehumidifier will work very well but it works better in air tight room. You may end up drying out the room for the first few times, especially if it’s single skinned.

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A fan would help because you need moving air to dry clothes. A dehumidifier will find the easiest water first, which might mean it sucks it through the walls, :lol: , although you say the shed is dry, so maybe not.

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Why don't you want them in the house? Lack of room or worried about damp?
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