We all use far more cleaning products, shampoos ect than we need

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I use a teaspoon full of shampoo (I do have thin hair) I put bleach in the mop bucket then wet the floor with the wet mop then leave it to soak and go back later with with the ring out mop. You can probably use much less soap powder ect than they recommend.

A shower scrunchie uses less shower gel.

You can save loads by trying less to see if it works.

If your washing is not too dirty, wash and rinse in the bath or sink then just spin.

They should bring back twin tubs.

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We definitely use too much product. Though I have no wish to go back to twin tubs. Life is hard enough.

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Hey do still make them. I've got a Thompson twin tub. Costs pennies to run.

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Replace the shower gel with a bar of soap to use on your scrunchie..lathers great and lasts much longer than shower gel
Cj Jeffo

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Until recently I was using almost twice as much detergent in my washer as i filled the little blue thing i had from a different detergent.

One day i used tbe top off the bottle to measure it and then poured it into the blue thing. To my horror it was only half full. I'd been using too much for months

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I always put water in the bottles when they seem empty Good swish around get a couple more goes out of them

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I don't use washing powder or pods anymore.

My eczema started reacting and I also had allergic dogs.

So I have a 1litre bottle ,three squirts of washing up liquid, add water and a few drops of essential oil

I've used this mix in hard and soft water areas and it doesn't overfoam.

Clothes are clean.

I steam clean floors after washing with lemongrass oil .

Vinegar and a few other sprays for lots of other cleaning jobs

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I live on my own so use good old fashioned soap bars for showering. Last ages
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