I was thinking of purchasing a kettle for the gas stove

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Hello- I was thinking of purchasing a kettle for the gas stove - since I work from home and boil it about 10 times a day, in winter.

However, I’m wondering if that’s pointless with the price of gas now increasing too!

Anyone have any idea which is best?

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If you put some boiling water in flask first before filling keeps water extremley hot. I do this when taking hot drink out for the day .

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Consider one of these, brilliant it boils 1 cup as you need it in about 10 seconds


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Why don’t you invest in a decent flask and add excess hot water into it so you don’t have to boil a kettle every time you want to make a drink??

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Another member and myself did some research last week and found the gas kettle to be half the price to boil as the electric, but always remember to only boil what you need whatever way you do it. You can search previous posts for our arithmetic.

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I think a gas kettle is a good idea and you’ll get the heat off the gas warming the kitchen a little bit

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I find I'm not using as much gas as electric, so I bought a stove kettle.i tried the flask but didn't keep hot enough for mè

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Why don't you boil it all in one go and use a flask? If you fill the kettle back up straight after boiling, there's still heat in it so the second boil is quicker.
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