I can no longer access my SSE account

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Hi everyone has anyone ever experienced the below..

We are with SSE for electric & gas, our bill went from £153 per month (we were in credit) to £285 per month in April (we were still in credit) and they were trying to put our DD up to £715 per month from 01/10/22 which I refused as we were £1000+ in credit. They hadn't sent us a bill from june-aug which they did last week and we were still £600+ in credit.

I've had an email to say SSE has now swapped to OVO energy and to create an account they are now stating I'm only £73 in credit! I can no longer access my SSE account to even access my bills to show i was in credit by over £600+! How do i get this proof?

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How can anyone afford over £700 a month? Ridiculous! I have never had DD and I think it’s wrong to be penalised for paying your bill when it comes in!

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I’m with OVO and on the app can download all my previous bills from SSE

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When I got switched over OVO sent me a package which included copies if previous bills from SSE , once you receive this you may be able to sort out where it has gone wrong. Good luck..

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I pay by standing order. That way I'm in charge on what I pay.

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Check the meter readings on the bill from SSE and compare with start readings from OVO and current meter readings. If SSE were estimates then the credit may have been overstated. Good luck with getting it resolved.
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