Can anyone recommend a company that will insure us?

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Please can anyone help or advice... We have building and contents insurance... We have never changed because we live within 200m from the sea and struggle to find a company that will insurance us for flood so always stuck with the same one.

But they are increasing it an extra £30 a month! It's always gone up over the years but just by a small amount.

The most annoying part is we have a flat underneath us (that we don't own) so if it flooded it would go there first.

Can anyone recommend a company that will insure us?

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We are with Policy Expert, our whole street is under 100m from the sea, never been flooded historically, never had an issue with getting insurance.
B Marg

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Tower gate insure our holiday home by sea and covers flooding

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You need to speak to an insurance broker who can shop round for you

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We have a river 80 meters from our home.

But terrific flood plains opposite.

Local plan shows no issues for our home for the next 100 years.

But only Saga or the post office will insure us

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I'm 100metres from the shore. I've never had a problem insuring. Just look at the Environment Agency flood risk map and, if necessary, quote your flood risk to the insurer.

Just because you live by the coast, you are not necessarily at increased flood risk.

Good luck.
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