Consider taking packed lunch and snacks to work

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This money tip will probably come as the most obvious thing but consider taking packed lunch and snacks to work. I set myself challenge at the beginning of September 2021.

For years I was spending £10-12 some days up to £20 a day on food while I was working (London) I managed to save a whopping £2500 which paid for holiday in Croatia we had this summer.

Also when I look at the insane amount of money I was spending in Pret/M&S etc I cringe at myself.

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Well done for making the change, it's brilliant that you have managed to get a holiday out of it..

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I used to always take a packed lunch to work I could never bring myself to pay the prices for a bought sandwich. I’m retired now and I cringe when I see ppl shelling out for prepared sandwiches. They can easily buy a loaf of bread and fillings for a whole week what they pay for 1 sandwich. Yesterday I made a batch of homemade soup that’ll be my lunches for this week
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