Any tips/ways for them to keep warm at home?

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OK, so we are all talking about keeping heating off and putting on more layers etc but if we’re cold then won’t our pets be cold to?

So, any tips/ways for them to keep warm at home? I have cats.

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I recommend cuddling your cat constantly.

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I worked in a vets and was told by a vet that even though they have fur, it doesn’t matter, if you are feeling cold then pets are feeling cold too, perhaps some extra blankets in their beds may help and plenty of cuddles too..

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My old cat and dog (no longer with me) were my thermometers! Both always came to bed with me. I always knew it was cold when the dog crept under the quilt and knew it was VERY cold when the cat followed him!

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There's really no need to be anxious if you can't run to buying a snuggly pet bed. A thick cardboard box with a cast off cosy jumper or similar is fine too. It's really just somewhere warm to keep the draughts out.

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Love that we all share tips to keep warm but we shouldn't have to. Why are we all just accepting this? Letting this dreadful hike in prices sweep over us? It is not going to end well for so many older vulnerable people. I am scared for them.
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