What happens to my money and can I get on prepay with British gas?

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Hello all, So I was with Nahbu until they went bust and were bought out by British Gas. I'm on a prepay meter and had £44 on my electric and £68 on gas credit, I am now fully with them as of today what happens to my money and can I get on prepay with British gas?

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I've been pre pay with British gas over 15 years no problem at all except 1 winter did not top up gas through summer not knowing they take charges from top up not credit so cost me about £80 after engineer came out withing few hours top to up to get gas on do just check with them I just put £5 a week on in summer to cover and it also builds up credit by winter..

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I have PAYG smart meters with British Gas, did you take a photo of the balance left & readings on your meter before the switch as you should get a refund for the balance left on there or they should transfer the balance over for you.
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