Can you cook curry in an air fryer?

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Sorry if daft question.. Can you cook curry in an air fryer? I'm thinking of not getting my oven hooked up but staying with an air fryer only..

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I recently got Instant Pot pressure cooker with slow cooker function. 

Done a chicken curry in it the other day only took 30mins on the pressure setting, was so nice.

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Depends what sort of airfryer, an actifry has a bowl with a paddle so yes.

Air fryers cook with hot air the same as an oven so depending on the size/style of air fryer anything you cook in an oven you can cook in an air fryer

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I do curries on the hob or slow cooker. If its a ready made which I rarely do Microwave.

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I use a pressure cooker for stuff like that. Cooking on a gas hob is much cheaper than electric and a pressure cooker cooks food in a few minutes.

I love my slow cooker too, but my gas hob pressure cooker costs much less to cook with.
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