I envied my sister who has gas central heating as I have oil (no gas in village)

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A month ago I had my oil tank topped up which cost me £550 and will last me a year in my little house. I relieved but just praying the boiler doesn't break down at £5,000 for replacement!

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I can’t afford to use my gas boiler, I have one oil filled electric Radiator to keep the chill off the house when really cold and electric blankets (2p per hour) or hot water bottles.

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Before we moved, we’re we lived had no gas in village.

We now have gas.

Plus a new boiler.

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We will get through at least 3 tons of oil a year.

But that's the perils of living in a rural bungalow in Ireland.

This year we will concentrate on burning more wood in our large stove as fuel is free

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I do like having my oil tank. One payment and its done for the year. Wasn't fun paying winter prices in the middle of August though.

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Just be careful now you have a full tank,who ever emptied mine a few years ago,must have seen the delivery truck as my tank was well hidden,

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I just paid £501 for 500 litres. Last year it was around £180 -£200 mark . Disgusting
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