One very simple way to help keep warm is to wear a scarf round your neck

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I now understand why historically, women used to wear shawls, another form of layering.

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I wear a fleecy neck scarf when it's chilly it really does make a difference

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And slippers... when I'm quite warm, I walk bare foot... when I feel a chill, they go on... and I have a fleecy blanket over my chair, so pull that over if a chill in the air...

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I have a selection of high necked ponchos I put on over my clothes

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It works because the jugular vein is close to the surface and heat can be easily lost from that area. Wrist warmers are good too.

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I always wear scars at home in the winter. With a lot of layers problem is when I get a hot flush by the time I have taken the layers off I am cold again.

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I love my scarfs as my friend says I have to many. I have thermal vests and use them if your back and neck is warm it does make a big difference .I have turtle fingerless gloves made out of cashmere lovely .I have Raynuards and always cold .
Cj Jeffo

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I was only saying yesterday that people are so used to wearing light clothing in the house, but many of us remember the days before central heating. We wore a jumper and socks and slippers.
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