How do people budget? Weekly, monthly?

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I always ensure my bills are covered each month, then I work out how much I have left to live on.

I am trying to save which I'm really not good at! I was thinking of giving myself a set amount a week for food shopping and fuel then the rest is to either save or spend if needed.

Does anyone else do this? Does it work?


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I don't. I pay bills, put some money in savings and then spend carefully. Think twice do I need this? Before buying

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I track all my spending and have a detailed budget. If its not something that comes naturally set some time aside each week to do it. Remember a budget is there to help and not be your master and don't set unrealistic expectations as you probably wont meet them and give up.

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I have two bank accounts and one building society account. The day after payday, (monthly) money is transferred into the other bank account to cover all bills/direct debits/standing orders, and £100 is transferred into my building society account (Emergency fund). It means that I always know how much is available to me.

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We pay bills put money in saving and the divide what’s left by how many weeks in the month for food petrol and luxuries.

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I pay myself monthly (self employed). I send a fixed amount that same day to my DD account so that all the regular payments are taken care of then I send a fixed amount to my Premium bonds account. The rest is for food, diesel, eating out, clothing, birthdays etc... So, if there's a birthday and a wedding in the same month, I know that I won't be buying clothes or eating out that month. Takes a bit of planning and awareness of what's coming up.

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I get paid monthly, all my bills are monthly. I give myself a monthly budget for food, petrol, spends etc from whats left after bills.
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