I have yet to find a coffee cup with a lid that I have enjoyed

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Hi, I know that there are way bigger problems than this in life.. but I have yet to find a coffee cup with a lid that I have enjoyed.

Lots of people recommended the Sho- I hated it, tasted of metal and the hole to sip out of was too big.

Contigo- also metallic taste

Keep cup- didn’t stay warm

I think I am basically looking for a ceramic (thin!) mug that has a lid that is comfortable to drink out of. Does this exist? Am I being too fussy? Should I:

A) give up my job so that I can drink a coffee at home from a regular mug?

B) come to terms with the fact that I will never enjoy a coffee at work and it’s tough?

C) have some inspiration from you guys to help me this super important task?

Thank you,

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I have a metal one with a plastic lid from Cath Kidston which I must have had for about 6 years, it's awesome

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Hi, I don’t know what you do but in my line of work I’ve come to realise that coffee from a mug at home is just the only way to drink it. Failing that I think you should ask your employer to research, find and purchase the unicorn you are looking for.

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I like a glass travel mug. Keep cup do ones with a flip lid. They aren't chuck in your bag and doesn't leak but they are close and walk along in your hand and it doesn't spill style. The glass is just so nice as it doesn't taste different.
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