Looking for some amazing ideas to keep my kids entertained!

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Really hoping for some brilliant ideas from you lovely lot! My son is turning 9 in a few weeks and he’s having four friends to sleepover.. they will be coming around lunch time so I’m looking for some amazing ideas to keep them entertained! So far all I’ve got is make your own pizzas for tea!

Happy to take them out or stay home but hoping to not break the bank.

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Water pistol / nerf gun fight in the garden/ park.

For extra fun see if you can make some obstacles (old pallets) for them to hide behind.

Doughnut eating competition - tie them on string and they have to eat them without using their hands.

Take them to a nearby playground.

Have them all sleep in the front room together and make a movie night - let them make dens to sleep in.

“Midnight” feast supplies.

Anything that involves going out in the dark with torches!
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