Can you share what your children eat for breakfast?

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Hi, Please can you share what your children eat for breakfast? My three year old doesn't eat cereal and I'm looking for something to give her that she'll eat.. Thanks

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We did Weetabix Weetabuddies at this age loads of fun! Plus it makes them eat fruit they normally wouldn't at that time of the morning!

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Sandwich, cold sausages, rice cakes and yoghurt drink.

Post by Amy »

Toast, pancakes, eggs, omelette, bacon, fruit, yoghurt, waffle, hash browns, banana bread, crumpets, muffins

Post by Charley »

Pancakes, weetabix, egg(scrambled/fried/boiled), mini quiche tart things, crumpets, toast, waffles

All served with fruit

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My 3 year old isn’t a fan on cereal either so either has fruit and brioche roll, banana and yogurts , toast and Nutella, pancakes & fruit. (This is usuals sometimes other randoms) xx

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Fruit, waffles, pancakes, toast, yoghurt, maltloaf, banana bread, crumpets... FYI mine don't eat all this, they have cereal.. but just a few ideas

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Brioche. Sausage rolls. Croissants. Fruit. Veg. Toast. Smoothies.

We’re fairly relaxed on breakfast (except no sweets, or crisps); we’re a neurodivergent household. My eldest also has ARFID, so we’d rather they are a breakfast than nothing.
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