What do you all do to keep packed lunches exciting?

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*Packed Lunches* So I’m curious what do you all do to keep packed lunches exciting. I have 2 children 3 & 9 & the thought of making them have the same kind of thing for the forseable is painful.. there not very adventurous eaters they don’t eat a lot of fruit just apples & oranges there just really ”boring” eaters.

Looking for ideas of what to make & of course how to keep it low cost with the cost of things & the amount of snacks they want in a day too makes me think I need a 2nd job to pay for lunches.

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I struggled with this as mine is a "boring" eater too, and finally I just had to accept I might be bored making it but she isn't bored eating it (even though I Def would be).

Every now and then I ask if she wants something different, but by and large she's doesn't. Dull as dishwater for me, but tbh I've accepted it's familiar for her, it's predictable and therefore comforting.

So I keep it the same for her

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My 6 yo boy will take a salad with cracker, ham, cheese. He has cous cous with roasted veg. I have a flask for him for beans, pasta, ravioli etc. But to be fair he does love a sandwich, crisps and fruit, maybe a sulky yoghurt. Occasionally a pork pie, some quiche and coleslaw, angle delight and jelly. Not super exciting, but he is happy and loves his grub!
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