Cleaning the washing machine and tumble dryer before and after every use

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Biggest forum… settle a debate between me & my partner please.

He says I’m weird for cleaning the washing machine and tumble dryer before and after every use? I use bleach spray, buff and wipe down ! Both get used daily.

I do the same with my fridge freezer before I put the shopping away - deep clean inside and out!

I’m not changing it.. just wanna know if anyone else does this? In my head you keep clean what you’re using to clean!

I also bleach my sink area more than once a day, and the toilets daily!

Post by Teri »

I feel like we live in a disgusting house now.. I clean/tidy as we go along and if things need it but generally do the house properly twice a week!

Post by Melissa »

I clean my fridge out every few weeks (usually because something is spilt). Washing machine is done every few months, same with dishwasher. I don't use much bleach. I tend to use method sprays most of the time for cleaning. I shove a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine and I buy the dishwasher cleaners or use white vinegar for the dishwasher.

Post by Kat »

Your husband is right. Yes they need cleaning regularly, but the over use of chemicals would concern me. Put the minky down and go have a cuppa

Post by Caeredwen »

I literally cannot remember ever cleaning my washing machine, drier or freezer. I think I did the fridge once in about 2006... We haven't been poisoned yet

Post by Rachael »

I don't be cleaning anything that often! The drier gets the filter emptied and water tank emptied each time. Washing machine gets the occasional hot wash with towels. Fridge gets cleaned if something is spilt in it.

Post by Laura »

That's a bit excessive to be honest. Clean the washing machine once in a blue moon. Wipe down some of the fridge before unpacking shopping, but again only occasionally deep clean. Bleach toilets maybe once a week?
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