Children’s toothpaste vs regular toothpaste

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Was brought to my attention by my 19 year old (no idea how she knows this but she seems to know everything) Children’s toothpaste 6-9 years has the same level of fluoride as regular toothpaste, but the child one was £1.50 and the regular one is £0.80 for the same size 75ml

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Yes, the only difference is the flavour of toothpaste, its a lot milder than adults toothpaste

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I noticed this on 9-12 a couple of months ago. Adult toothpaste it's too minty for him though.

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Yes we still use 6 to 9 as 9 to 12is different but same fluoride. Significant for asd 1 less change to cope with, after we finally settled on this after trying many
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