I’ve removed my 10 year old from school just before half term due to bullying

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Hey guys, So, I know this forum is full of all kinds of people with tiny humans and big humans :D.. I’ve removed my 10 year old from school just before half term due to bullying.

Please before commenting understand this decision wasn’t made lightly and it has been going on for a long while now. He has asd social anxiety and learning disabilities.

Our echp has just been turned down to .. we are currently home schooling and with our busy family life I’m so scared his not going to get the education he deserves as I’m no teacher either.

We work full time to do we go down the route of getting him a tutor and what are there rates if so?

What do you guys do if you are home schooling?

What are your little humans learning?

Mom and dad are entering an unknown world of home education. So, please if there is any tips tricks web pages or anything we can buy to help him. Please I’m open to all suggestions of any! Hope your little people have had a fantastic first day back.

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Hi we are just entering our 5th year of home ed!

We base our children's education on experience and opportunities. Building life skills and Independence. We basically facilitate their learning and development, interests, health and well being.

We don't tend to have a day to day plan but rather do what the kids feel like. We go to the parks, go on walks, visit museums, talk to people everywhere who won't to listen and share their time, we visit the library, attend home ed groups, we go swimming, we do cooking and baking, themed days, learn musical instruments, read, write, draw, look things up on the internet or books that interest them. Any opportunity that arises we take whether that be shopping at a local market, visiting a church or mosque, a new town, animal/bird watching, visiting family and friends.

My son has ADHD and my daughter has complex health and educational needs. So we have things like physio, sensory stuff, appointments, hydrotherapy etc. To fit in too. We also spend alot of time working of things like independent personal cares for their future.

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I don’t home school but know others who have. Contact your local education authority, they should have lots of advice, websites to use and links to other homeschooling groups in area. There are lots of different get togethers and local events within these groups, as well as practical advice from others going through the same. Good Luck
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