Recommend me a really good book for children about food groups/nutrition etc.

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I wonder if anyone could recommend a really good book for children about food groups/nutrition etc.? Or has any ideas to gently encourage fussy eaters to try different foods?

My little girl 5 is becoming more and more limited in what she eats in total she probably eats less than 10 items and many of those items are processed foods which I don't feel offer her much in the way of nutrition. I've been fairly relaxed about it up until recently, thinking it’s just a fussy stage and we will get through it. I know I was fussy as a child as was her brother but not to the same extent. As a baby/toddler she ate most things however things are just gradually getting worse and the only meal she will currently eat is pizza, frozen chips or a ham sandwich (not even good ham.. it's like the proper processed stuff that's like probably 5% meat) sometimes she eats cereal or bread and butter instead of a meal which isn't ideal but I'm just happy that she's eaten something.

I try to put everything on the plate separate and not touching. Continuing to live in hope by offering her foods even if she has previously said she doesn't like them, but she always refuses. I don't make it an issue and just say that's okay it's your choice. However, I tell her the food has iron or vitamins in it to help make her strong and healthy. I've tried getting her involved in preparing and cooking which she loves but still doesn't want to try.

If anybody has any different gentle approaches that I maybe haven't tried I'm all ears.

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My youngest is a very fussy eater. Won’t eat any foods mixed together (No lasagna, minced meat pies etc.), anything with potato or anything cooked in a sauce or tomato (will only eat pizza crust for example). My mum gave me a good suggestion which has helped. She said when he gets back from school, he will be hungry/puckish. don't say anything just leave a small bowl of 1 item on the table. So, I started to leave out cut up carrots one day, cucumber another, then peppers, couscous, avocado, lettuce. and it amazed me he started to eat all these items and I now add them to whatever else I can manage to get him to eat daily.

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It sounds like you’ve tried all the traditional advice around avoiding too many snacks so they’re hungry at mealtimes and not offering a replacement if they don’t eat what’s on the table etc?

Is there a control issue, what happens if you offer her the choice between two or three potential dishes (that don’t include processed nasties), then cook what she has chosen?

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Does she help you make meals? As a child I was much better if I could see and help decide what went into a meal.. I also had a reward system for if I tried something and then if it became a regular food. My parents didn't pressure me at all, I just knew the reward was there if I wanted it and by the time I was 8 I ate a much wider selection.

I find with my toddler that things very similar to something he already eats is much easier to encourage him to try. For example dried cranberries because he likes raisins, fresh apricots because he likes dried ones - I never lie to him about what things are or try to hide them.

I am absolutely no expert though but thought I would share what worked for me/him

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