What does everyone have on subscribe and save at Amazon?

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Random question - What does everyone have on subscribe and save at Amazon?

We currently only use it for nappies and wipes but looking for more :D

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We price compare and get whatever is cheaper via using it. Watch it though as sometimes the proces creep up
Jo ~

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  • Milk shake
  • Mouth wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Fave wash
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Rinse aid
  • Vitamins
  • Body spray
  • Moisturiser

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Loo roll, kitchen roll, shampoo conditioner etc toothpaste, pens, most my rabbits shopping is there (food, cleaning stuff, bedding, toys etc) cleaning products, some food, honestly lots! I check it each month though as the prices change so need to watch

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We have 35 subscriptions .. shower gel, childrens shampoo, wipes, vitamins, deodorant, toilet roll, plasters, batteries, moisturisers, nappies, sun cream, mascara, dettol, washing machine cleaner, tea pigs, calpol

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Cleaning products, shampoo, pet food, toilet rolls, boxes of crisps, chocolates. I try to alternate cleaning stuff so order a different box each month (eg box of 10 kitchen cleaner / dishwasher tablets / washing powder etc). I also look for items on offer with extra discount for first order eg cans of soda

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Coffee pods, toilet cleaner, nail polish, face wash, dr beckman white wash, brow definer, razors, mould spray, deodorant, skittles, moisturiser, cleanser, biscuit snacks bars. Some of these are just there to ensure I get up to 15% off. And I check all are cheaper each month before delivery. They range from every month to every 6 months
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