Painful bowel when hav-ing ​​​​​​​sex.. Is this something to be concerned about?

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My BM is normal but I have been gassy for two months and can hardly eat anything as far as variety goes. If I eat I'm gassy if I don't eat for hours.. I'm also gassy.

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Sounds like endo has spread to bowel tissue and is inflamed....this can be serious

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I went for a check/ultrasound yesterday with same symptoms but add vomiting into the mis everyday. Anything I eat come up. Stomach will cramp. I have gall stones and endometriosis:(

They also want to put a camera down my throat. Might be an idea to get ultrasound or abdomen and pelvis. I now have to have gallbladder removed:(

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First ask a Dr. How long since you had a colonoscopy?
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