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Hi everyone, another question regarding white paint.

Has anyone done Dulux Natural White with Lexicon Quarter skirting, architraves, doors? I suspect the warm/cool whites might clash but have done Antique White USA with Vivid White trims in the past and loved the contrast. That house had plenty of natural light. The Vivid White trims took 5 coats at our last house, so I'm not wanting to do it again.

Our new house doesn't get much natural light - most of our windows are south and east facing - so I think Lexicon Quarter walls would end up looking blue.

Alternatively, would Natural White everywhere, including doors, balustrade, skirting etc look too creamy?

Thank you. I've painted sample patches all over the house and I still can't make up my mind.

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Our home is quite dark and we have just repainted in lexicon 1/4 and love it.

Everyone said how much better and more modern it looks ( was originally cream) also lexicon 1/4 has a black base therefore has a better coverage

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We are currently half way through repainting our home and have done natural white on walls and ceilings with vivid white trims and joinery. Very happy with this. You could consider natural white walls with half strength trims for a bit of difference.

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Vivid white is the most neutral one (isn’t cool or warm) so would be the best one to go with any other white because it shouldn’t clash

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We initially did lexicon 1/4, but it was too blue and cold. We changed to dulux natural white on the walls and vivid white doors and trims. We were very happy.

The natural white changes colour throughout the day.

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I have a room with not much natural light and when I did Lexicon 1/4 as a sample I found it threw blue. Have you considered looking at another paint brand? After testing lots of Dulux paint I decided to give Taubmans a try and I found a lot more options there. It was suggested that I use a cool colour for the trims (a clean white) so I don't think that will be an issue.

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