Today I went to the gym for first time.. What should I do to improve?

The information given in this board is non medical and based on research and peoples personal experience.

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Trainer told me as you're beginner we will start with little weights and less exercises.

So told me to do below 5 exercises with 4-5 set of 12 reps.

Lat pulldown, seated row, barbell bench press, hyper extension, one arm dumbbell row.

I was not able to do one arm dumbbell row as my back was not getting straight. So I was not able to make correct posture, so he told me to leave this.

Then when I tried doing Hyperextension exercise, I was not able to do even 4 Reps properly. So he asked me why I'm not able to do this exercise as according to him it's very easy and asked me if I'm having any back issues.

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Keep it up

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See, it's just day one.

Take your time and you ll be lot better in few months.

Also, since you are a beginner I would suggest you to start with 2 or 3set of moderate intensity ( which is inbetween 6-12rep range) or low rep range (12+ rep) depending on your goal.

As first few weeks you will be learning the right form of doing the excercise along with adherence.

So don't feel bad about what the trainer said.

You have started your fitness journey,Keep Going.

All the best.

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When I started with home workout for upper body , but with dumbles I was not able to do it at very first and holding cup of tea after workout was also very difficult for me. But it improved slowly keep on trying rest coaches can guide which exercise to take first

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I would prefer.. you start with body weight working like pushup pull up squats.. concentrate on posture n method..and use weight less in weight n practice more rep witj concentration on postures.

Ps. Do proper warmup before workout n stretching post workout

How much you lift is not the matter. How good you lift matters.. posture is important to avoid injury..

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It took me around a year to get the proper form for deadlift and single arm dumbbell rowing.

So don't worry everyone is different some learn it quickly some take time .

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For beginners, hyperextension Is very tough.. I started with just 5 free reps.. n now aftr 8 months I can to 10-12 reps with 15 kg plate

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People who join gyms have different fitness levels. A good trainer should first assess your fitness level by enquiring about your health status & conducting fitness tests. Then only he should prescribe a workout routine designed according to you. However, in reality most trainers don't do that.

As a beginner my advice is to not worry too much about it. Just be regular and spend your first few weeks on learning the proper form & technique of exercises. Keep the weights light and by light I mean pick a weight with which you can do 12-15 repetitions without sacrificing your form. Things will get easier as you spend more time in the gym.

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No need to worry.

Just pick up light weights in the beginning and work on your posture first. Meanwhile, start doing pushups and squats. If you cant do regular pushups, start with Knee pushups.

Be consistent and patient. You will start seeing progress real soon.

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4 5 sets of 12 reps yeh beginner level hai?

The idea is to sustain. Start with stretches and do 2 sets of 12 rep and slowly increase. Also if you are new to the weights then please concentrate on the form and speed, do not go fast with lifting weights avoid any muscle pull or injury.

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Sorry to say, but I’ve faced the same with offline trainers. Unka minimum hamare maximum se bhi oopar hota hai and they expect that people come with a certain fitness level already from day 1.
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