Do food cravings go away after gastric sleeve?

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Hi, I’m looking at booking my gastric sleeve in the next day or so but my biggest worry is how do you all deal with addiction to food? I’m so used to turning to junk food for every emotion and I just wondered how you deal with that mentally? I’m so scared of sabotaging myself and somehow putting weight back on even though I want this so badly.

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I was the same as you, but after my sleeve I just made better choices for myself, I made sure to eat my proteins first, and to be honest I really feel so differently about food now, I used to be the worst comfort eater, but I think when you have the energy and feel better mentally for losing the weight you naturally sway to those foods that give your body nourishment rather than comfort. Good luck with your sleeve.

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I have completely lost interest in junk food. There is absolutely no urge to eat it at all after and I would have eaten a maccers 5-6 times a week

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I was such an emotional and binge eater and honestly since my op I don’t even think about it. I just think ad above it would be so uncomfortable if I over ate and I went through surgery so it wasn’t worth sabotaging. I eat for fuel now, nothing else..

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I just became fearful of the consequences. Not be able to do something for so long gives you the time consider your actions. If I over eat I feel sick, get foamies and it affects my ability to function for a few hours
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