I’m having a hard time with eating habits I’ve got myself in to

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Hope everyone is well.. I’m having a hard time with eating habits I’ve got myself in to. I was wondering if anyone has tried going right back to the start with food and had much success?

I’ve found myself snacking for about a month now because it seemed more convenient than making food for myself that I can’t eat much of.

I know this behaviour is the reason I needed surgery, as I’m not a big eater anyway I just have always choose the wrong foods (chocolate.. etc).

I Know that I need to help myself now because I can feel old habits creeping in and I don’t wanna fail at this too

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I’ve had a few bad days last week but I’ve managed to get back on track by writing myself a good and drink diary.

It’s helped massively. Makes you think of the way we were it’s so easy to slip back to old ways. I also weigh protein as it’s surprising how much you can over eat.

Good luck

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Oh dear… I eat all the rubbish I ate before my op 22 years ago,having a sleeve won’t stop your food/ carb/sugar addiction!

If you were a smoker and your mouth was sawn up you’d still want a cig!

It’s definitely not an easy option.
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