Can you go back to normal life after hernia surgery?

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Out of curiosity, how many people also had hernia surgery? Are there any negative lifestyle effects following the surgery? I know you can only sip drinks straight after but do you get back to drinking normally post surgery?

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I had hernia removed. Didn’t know I had one but looking back I have had a big lump at my chest that never went away until op! I’m only 3 weeks po.

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I had mine repaired no negative at all only good no more pain I will be a year po next month. Still can't drink fast but that's really OK you get used to it.

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I had a hernia repair at the same time as my sleeve not had any negative lifestyle effects following surgery it’s the best thing I’ve ever done I’m 4 months post op and still can’t gulp drinks it hurts ur stomach you will end up with gas..

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I had gastric surgery and umbilical hernia removed together, never had any problems or pain that are totally amazing they have changed my life.

You will not be disappointed.

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I don't know about hernias and I haven't had my sleeve op yet but going on what others have said, you progress from sips back into being able to take gulps, but you won't be able to gulp a whole glass down in one go, like you did before. Your stomach capacity is too reduced, which means you will be unlikely to drink anyone under the table again, not unless they have also had a sleeve done.

One of my colleagues had her surgery over a year ago and she can drink three or four gulps before having to take a wee rest and then drink some more. I believe it is different for everyone though.
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