I booked my sleeve.. Really excited

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I had planned a band in the UK, but so much happier with this booking. Anyway, in preparation for surgery I started eating much smaller amounts, no snacking. My BMI has literally just dropped shy of 40. I know the BMI is listed as 40+ for the sleeve. Wondering if others have had any issues. If i had surgery right now, it should be fine but i have another few weeks to go. Loosing weight has always been hard for me, i have been fat all my adult life. I might lose another 4/6 lbs before surgery, but as every other time i have tried to lose weight, its bound to stall.

Has anyone else with a BMI around 37/39 ,(without other medical conditions) has an issue with getting the sleeve? Having nightmares i will be declined and offered the band instead.

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Hi, your BMI needs to be 30 or over for a sleeve with us so you will be fine.
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