Apparently my dog has allergies

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OK. This is NOT urgent. Apparently my dog has allergies. He has had 2 ear infections and signs he struggled in the past with them(he is a rescue) The vet is not sure if it's food or environmental allergies.

We treated the infections. The vet suggested an ear rinse but my dog will NOT allow my husband or myself to put things in his ears.

So the vet has him on a Zrytec and Benadryl combo plus we have eliminated all but 1 animal protein. So far so good.

He also takes a probiotic to help his stools. Is there any supplement that I could also give to help with allergies?

Occasionally he will still lick his paws.


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I would recommend our 250mg bacon flavored CBD oil for pets. Our 19 year old eskipoo has been on it for 4 1/2 years. No more allergies or ear infections for her. She takes 4 tiny drops morning and night everyday. She is an older dog but has no problems getting around. You would never guess her age. She acts like she's about 8 instead of 19

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Thank you for sharing this! My lil girl is on an entirely too large daily 2xs daily does of Apoquil. I’ve been considering Cytopoint injections bc even with the aforementioned ginormous dose…

She still itches like crazy. They’ve recommended taking her to a doggie dermatologist but, I’m not sure that is immediately in the budget ( just had a 2k ER trip) but, I never knew Zyrtec. Was even an option. Apoquil is outrageously expensive .

All of that to say… Thank You! you’ve given an alternative to ask her vet about! I really appreciate this post

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hoping the protein removed from his diet is chicken as that seems to be a big culprit these days.. also look into Flora4 probiotic, made by Carna4, it is designed for itchy and allergies, along with other great benefits, including the food transitions,,

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Make an appointment to see a vet dermatologist to find out exactly why he has reoccurring ear infections. Otherwise, only his symptoms are being treated and not the cause of the ear infections or itching.

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My 15 y.o. shih-tzu has environmental allergies. He was getting ear infections and skin infections every month or two. He has been on Apoquel for almost 3 years now. I worry about his immune system, but the infections and stress of itching at his age, well, he needed relief. Cytopoint didn't work for him
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