just seen my cat has worms

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Hey!! Need some help… just seen my cat has worms and it’s 5 in the morning. I feel so horrible, is he in pain?What do I do!! HELP

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Take a stool sample to the vet and get an rx, she shouldn’t be in pain but you will see her poop out more worms after she has had a dewormer.

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Dont panic he'll be fine but they need to be killed off or they will make your cat very poorly. I would NEVER buy over the counter medications for worms, I don't trust them, pets can have bad reactions to them, I've heard some horror stories from people I know and people I don't know too. I have cats and dogs and I get all my worming and flea treatment from the vet, its not that expensive either and it works great. You might have to take the cat in the get weighed / checked over first before they will prescribe it but thats just a one off and you can get the medication on repeat after that, when you need them. Good Luck ..

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It’s unlikely he’s in pain. He might have an itchy butt and feel a little uncomfortable but just ring the vets when they open and get a dewormer. He’ll be alright

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Don’t worry he will be okay, all you need to do is call the vet in the morning and get some dewormer for him. It’s scary to see but thankfully there is a way to remedy it. Sorry this happened

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Everyone has excellent advice. Kitty will be fine until you are able to call or get a vet appointment in a few hours. You may want a sample of a fresh bowle movement for the vet Incase the want to run a lab to check for other parasites. If you can, get one and keep in a closed container in the refrigerator to keep cold . Hope everything will be OK.
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