My indoor cat is getting chubby and idk how to fix it

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Tips needed! My indoor cat is getting chubby and idk how to fix it :lol:. I tried to not free feed her but she literally meows for hours if i don't feed her

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Overweight management food. Also dry foods can be high in calories, if you don’t feed wet food you may want to start using that to supplement meals also ensures hydration.

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What is she eating? When I adopted my girl, she was on cheap dry food and was overweight. I switched her to good canned food and she eats as much as she wants and is the perfect weight at every yearly vet visit. What you feed is really important and wet is better than dry (has more moisture obviously and also less carbs). Also make sure you play with your kitty a lot!

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I recommend feeding food that contains less carbs and more meat. And portion control.

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Feed more canned. Get her on a weight reducing food and feed four to five times a day around an 1/8 of a can. Get her weighed at the vet and come up with a plan. Some cats are more vocal than others but you may want to get some blood work done and a wellness check to make sure there isn’t a medical issue before you go forward.

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Try putting the food in a feeder or a game, we have a chubby cat too and she has lost well over 1kg, we use a puzzle feeder (like the picture) which slowed her down a lot and we weight her daily food allowance out and just give her little bits at a time, so every time she complains she gets fed but does realise it’s a lot less, she doesn’t care as long as she get something so does not go over her recommendations on portions

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