Does anyone have DEKTON porcelain benchtops with shaker cabinets?

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I was told my kitchen is too sunny for engineered stone ( it will go yellow). Love to know your thoughts and see pics especislly of ones to.match ehite cabinets.. Dektom is so expensive I don't want to make a mistake.


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Sounds like bs to me

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I've been flipping houses for 10 years and that’s the first I’ve ever heard of that. My white engineered stone kitchen bench gets full on Qld sun.

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My white Essastone bench in the laundry (which gets lots of sun) has yellowed in areas so it can happen unfortunately.

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We were hoping to do porcelain. However the slab broke while being cut - twice. So they called the supplier in Italy only to find out that there was a fault in the entire batch. They are currently coming up with a new formula and we were told won’t be ready until at least dec. Then shipping. So we have gone with quartz instead. Half the price and to be honest love it more that the porcelain. Good luck


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Normal stone isn’t Uv stable so it could happen. The likely hood of it happening where you would see it is probably slim. If your concerned Caesarstone does have 3 colors in an outdoor range that is also fine to use inside. You could also contact the stone company directly and ask them about the chances of discoloration

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