Wanting to know about the shutter blinds

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Hi there friends.. Wanting to know about the shutter blinds. Do they keep heat in and out well and light out when closed pros and cons please

Post by Debbie »

They are the best definitely helps with the warmth,and cold , as for light ours are great blocks out most of the light we have the thick ones.

You can add a roller blind in between.

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  • Light gets in , but just love them , so it's worth getting used to a bit of light .
  • Best thing l have done in my house .
  • Havnt had a summer yet , so interesting to see how it goes .

Post by Tanaya »

I love mine but they let light in for sure. I had to learn to sleep with tiny bits of light coming in

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I love the look and easy to clean, but they let too much light in. I got mine from Franklyn blinds and shutters very costly. I have gone for sheers and curtains for my newbuild

Post by Bronwen »

Definitely look great.

Noticed that they do keep the heat out but they do not stop all the light from getting through.

In the bedrooms I have installed block out blinds inside the frames as my nurse and paramedic need to block the light out to sleep.

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Pros absolutely outweigh any cons.. love mine, stylish simplicity, timeless and elegant.. they’re just a great all round window dressing, with or without added curtains..

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