Can the frames on the inside be a different colour to the outside?

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Hi guys. I need some help/opinions on what colour I should paint my wooden framed windows and sliding door in the master bedroom.

Can the frames on the inside be a different colour to the outside. Eg white on the inside, charcoal on the outside.

Has anyone done this or have pictures?


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From the dawn of day Interiors and exteriors have been a different colour. I don’t see why you can not!

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Yes you can combine colours… looks really effective when executed well

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I have done vivid white on the outside of French doors and whisper white on the inside and it looks fine. I also have an internal door whisper white on the inside and lexicon quarter on the other side and you don’t really notice it. You can do two different colours. Also, I have painted our front door Porters van helsing ( a black/blue) on the outside and lexicon quarter on the inside. I think it’s common to paint a front door different on either side.

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My inside & outside wooden window frames have never been the same colour. My inside ones are now white & my outside ones have had a few different colours... now painting them in 'Dune'. So your inside ones as white & outside charcoal will look great!

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