Painting walls and ceiling same color!

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Interested in everyone’s thoughts on painting walls and ceiling with the same colour (same paint) probably ’White Exchange - half’

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We did cotton ball. Bought ceiling paint and did that colour and then bought low sheen for walls with wall paint as the same colour. It’s perfect but I got painters in and they did a great job! I love how I don’t see any mistakes as it’s all one colour

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Our interior designer said paint everything the same white. Ceiling and walls.

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We did matte walls so did the ceiling in the same paint. I love it. Makes the space look bigger. Our painter told us if we’d had any sheen on the walls he wouldn’t recommend it on the ceiling so you’d do same colour but different paint if you want sheen on your walls.

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Same colour yes, but not same paint. The more glossy, the more imperfections it shows so you dont want that on the likes of your ceiling

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Generally you would use ceiling paint for your ceiling. You can tint your ceiling paint the same colour as your wall paint if that’s what you’re after.

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I’d go half strength for the ceiling but definitely use ceiling paint instead of regular paint. Painting the same colour on the ceiling as the walls actually makes the ceiling look darker as you can see in a few pics posted on this thread. Half strength will actually look like the exact same colour as the walls but make the room seem much bigger.

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Be careful with tinting ceiling paint. I did all antique white usa except ceiling, as when I had it tinted it was SO much darker than everything else. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the tiny and had another one done. Exact same. I used normal ceiling white.

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I would only paint the wall and ceiling if your doing a really light colour like vivid white or lexicon quarter. I would recommend if you are able to get an even lighter strength of white exchange quarter for the ceiling. That will look pretty and soft. I have seen grand piano quarter painted on the ceiling and the owners freaked when it was first painted because it was a little dark but once the half strength went on the wall, it was ok but if the owners had the choice again, they would go a lighter strength on the ceiling.

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We have square set downstairs and moulding upstairs. The downstairs has always been one colour ceiling and walls, but the upstairs was ceiling white and different coloured walls. When I repainted recently I went same colour ceiling and walls

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I use vivid white on ceiling and regret it as it has a sheen and it shows up all the flaws. I have a older house with lots of light and it also reflex differently in the sun if you roll it a certain way. I changed ceiling white Dulux which is a flat mat and it Great
Dru Cox

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You can do same colour, but ceilings are best in matte.

I’ve done my bathrooms and bedroom in a very dark green and have also done the ceilings the same colour. I had the paint shop make it up in ceiling paint though.

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