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Hi all. If my kitchen cupboards are going to be "White on White", what colour white should my walls and skirting boards be to ensure it doesn't all look the same?

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Try your local Bunnings. I found enormous help from one of their salespeople has been in the game for years. As good as any colour consultant and free!!!

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There are some very old fashioned ideas here. Trims are not painted gloss anymore but semigloss and never use enamel as it yellows. Ring dulux and ask them.

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We painted everything white on white.

Kitchen cabinets, doors, walls, skirts and architraves


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Whites are hard. Sometimes putting different whites together can make one look blue or purple or cream. Do you have any inspo pics with the look you’re after? Sometime the same white in different finishes and on different surfaces can be enough of a difference but without clashing. It depends what look you’re after.

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