What are your favorite resources for a beginner greenhouse hobbiest?

This is a forum for backyard hobby greenhouse enthusiast wanting to share their green house experiences with like minded people.

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What are your favorite resources, YouTube channels or books for a beginner greenhouse hobbiest?

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After having a greenhouse for the past 3 years, my advice is--have a successful garden outside first, try gardening in a cold frame 2nd, then move onto a greenhouse. The skills you learned for each one will serve you in the greenhouse.

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YouTube for various types of GH.

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I recommend going to your local public library and checking out greenhouse books for free.

I would start with greenhouse types, structures and basics. It's crucial to understand how a greenhouse functions before trying to grow plants in one.

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University's- Master gardeners and Arboritums- local librarys- books and this site-

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I do books plus you tube plus just general reading on here..plus asking my SIL about lots of stuff..

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Build A Soil YouTube channel. Soil is your key to growing anything

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I talk to the people who garden and have greenhouses around me, especially the elders in the community.

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Buy both vol 1 and 2 of the ball Redbook. Huge leap forward in your evidence-based knowledge.
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