How can I prep my area to make sure its safe?

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I somehow became invested w/aphids or whiteflies in my sunroom as I prepped my plants this spring (possibly from the garden center as I wanted specific plants but it was too early to plant in my area)  and had a horrible time controlling this all summer outside.

They are on most everything trees herb garden all plants and my whole garden.

As soon as I thought I had it under control in garden it moved to another part of my yard and then back to garden?!! My question is.. I have several plants -lemon tree, hibiscus tree and some potted large tropical plants that seem fine and disease free that I want to put in my sunroom overwinter.

How can I prep that area to make sure its safe and how would you make sure your plants and the dirt they are in is also safe so I don't lose them and all my houseplants as well?

Any suggestions? I'm so frustrated!

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Insecticidal soap I make my own with peppermint and tea tree oil castle soap Google for a recipe.

Mosquito bits keep bugs out of your soil sprinkle a few around the base

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If you have ants you’re going to need to control them to. The ants feed on the aphids and they will never let them completely be destroyed. They will move eggs from one place to another just to have a continual source of food.

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Ladybugs. Their favorite food is aphids! You can order on line.
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