How deep should I make the plant beds with appropriate garden soil?

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I just started our greenhouse project. We installing a sunken greenhouse. I will have actual plant beds in the ground to grow vegetables.

How deep should I make the plant beds with appropriate garden soil?

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If your soil grows veggies well without the greenhouse, you shouldn't have a problem.

It's only if your garden soil is bad already that you would need to worry.

If you are putting in tall raised beds, I think it would have made a difference. My raised beds are 2.5 ft off the ground for easy access.

I'm old, and falling apart. I have heavy clay soil with lots of rocks.

I added straw, grass clippings and wood chips as well as bagged cow manure and soil conditioner. I will continue to add more each year.

My last greenhouse had beds raised 8 inches. They worked just fine. What I wish I had done was give myself more room between beds.

I had 2 ft and wish I'd made it 3 so when I did got down on the ground, it would have been easier to maneuver. Your lower beds will be fine. Break up the soil well and add some compost.

You will love what having a greenhouse does for your garden.

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Greens can grow in 8”, 12-18” for most veggies, root crops do better with 24” of soil. Mine raised beds are 30” because I have mobility problems in addition to a T Rex arm from a failed rotator cuff repair.

I’m looking at elevated beds these days but they aren’t very deep

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18 inches, more than enough mix of peat moss, chip lime( barn lime) . Little sand 1/5 or less have good mix I add seaweed.. to top dress

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It depends on what you want to grow on there.

All my raised beds are 2 - 3' tall since it makes it easier to harvest when the plants are higher off the ground.

But maybe you're young and don't mind bending over all the time.

Also,the materials needed to get the beds up high maybe cost prohibitive for you? Basically, if your ground soil is decent, you body is good to go but you budget is tight, the minimum I would do is 8-12".

Adjust the height from there to accommodate poorer soil with amended composted soil, your physical needs and cost/budget.

Make it your own!
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