Do you think that the airspace would be enough to hold in enough heat to keep it above freezing in normal conditions?

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Good morning all! I’m in zone 8a but am very protected by the wind. We are building a greenhouse and I am wondering if I put plastic up on the inside walls, will that make much difference in temperatures? We usually have about a month that it could get into mid to upper 20s.

And those temps only last a few hours overnight. So do you think that the airspace created between the polycarbonate outside and the plastic inside would be enough to hold in enough heat to keep it above freezing in normal conditions?

I’m also planning on having a compost bin and 2 large water barrels as heat tanks. Thoughts?

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Yes, most years it will be fine, We are in 8a and 2 years ago it got down to -5. It was below freezing for 5 days none stop. In other words, plan for the bad years, not the good years , otherwise you will loose everything

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I am in 9a & on our freezing nights, my hoophouse needs a heat source overnight. I have a propane heater I use on low. I did this after loosing a good number of my plants the 1st year listening to someone who told me they would be fine.

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We used the large bubble , bubble wrap but anything that can create an air pocket between the inside and the outside will help to some degree.

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Cold is cold. Too many variables. How big. How much mass you have inside, how high ridge. All I know is when it gets to 20, you’ll still get to 20 unless you have a lot of heat radiating from something. Yes, every layer helps. For a bit. I have a greenhouse, inside a high tunnel, in zone 5, and when it’s cold it’s cold. The best thing layers do is reduces how much heat you need to keep it above freezing. And depending on what your trying to do, sometimes it’s 50 degrees you need and not just above freezing. Then you worry about having to get out there and get the layers opened up before things boil at 10 in morning. Challenging beating Mother Nature. She’s good at it.
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