What keeps you consistent?

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My Q today: What keeps you consistent?

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I believe there are two main factors.

One, your Personality or temperament as a writer as a human being. Your inspiration is generally propelled by your inner self, your mentality. This is otherwise known as your inner self, your soul or to some extent, your culture. This is your personality that reveals some consistency in your style. You read somebody as me, you see the influence of wide travels and the grundnorm of African proverbs.

There are, secondly, the external factors such as your learned writing structures. You have learned the Character arc or the hero’s journey, the plot and predominant language styles. The latter ranges from the vocabulary or Lexus, being choice of words and the style of your sentences with all the rhetorical embellishment.

My humble opinion

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How do you stay consistent?

(^ symbols are to signal melodic emphasis)

I’ve found for me, I need to have my pen on the page to capture the ^thoughts about things. It’s not the same quality of thought if I’m not jotting it down. So even when I’m not writing scenes— I’m journaling, I’m taking notes, I’m making diagrams. I’ve found balance within a small range of activities that help me get time at the desk. So I’m always ^there anyway.

Once I’ve established that, and I’ve stabilised it, and I’m ready to work— I’ve found that I really ^want to write my story down. I want to get it right.
I want you to read it, how I see it. How I ^feel it.

And I’ve found space within my routine to consistently schedule time for this practice.

Last floor, ready?

When we dream our minds problem solving, spinning off into the void examining puzzles that we prime with the contents of our waking minds. Sometimes I wake up after a good night sleep, and I’ll go straight to the desk to tweak something. It’s actually similar to practicing a piece of music on an instrument.

Once you’ve trained your hand,to feel the resonance of the FAV-sounds, then you discover the shape of your own soul.

And once you get there, then you’ll know how I stay consistent.

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