Who tried the Dulux renno!

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Hi everyone 😊

Has anyone tried the Dulux renno range for painting laminate and wall & floor tiles ? Sounds fantastic but wasn’t sure how it would wear ? Just want to spruce up our house before we sell in a couple of years so any feedback from those who have used it would be greatly appreciated 🤔 ?

Thanks everyone

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Check out ‘Hunting for George on youtube. Just search painted bathroom Reno and it should come up. Lucy is amazing to watch.

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Also Three Birds did a Reno by transforming a kitchen by painting cabinets and bench top.

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I did it 2 yrs ago in my bathrooms...I did it as a temporary measure before we fully renovated them which we now have done.

It definitely looked better but you could always tell it was a home job which should be temporary.

I would never buy a house that it's been done to.

Hope that helps...pics of before and after and now the full reno


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