Like a long layover in airports

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I see so many people on this forum who have what seems like a long layover in airports.

What I see is a lack of time planned for reentering airports, clearing security, travel time to and from city and thoughts of pressure to make flights.

By the time you take away time for those things you have no time in the city you want to explore. It is best to relax, get something to eat and wander the airport and get to gate to sit and read.

No stress!

Post by Heather »

If that’s how you want to approach it, that’s fine. Others want to approach it differently and that is also fine.

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Don't overlook the ability to purchase a lounge pass at a discount via eBay. Now that I am retired, my company lounge access is gone, but over the years I have been able to buy a one-time pass to various lounges for a low fee. They are especially cost effective if you get one that is about to expire. Besides being comfortable with WiFi access, in many lounges you can almost cover your cost with a free extensive breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day.

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It depends greatly on how close the airport is to the city, ease of transportation, size of the airport and how quickly it takes to get through security. In some places it is quite do-able and it other airports it is too great a risk.

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Depends on what kind of traveler you are. We once were able to see the Blue Mosque on a layover. I’ll take that any day over relaxing in an airport.

But if the stress is too much then absolutely, just hang out.

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We just returned from 14 days in Asia. We had a total of 11 flights (5 of them in the last 48 hours). Across 3 airlines, 6 of those flights were delayed, times changed, and our seats switched. Moving around the world via commercial air today means being at the mercy of logistical nightmares. We roll with the punches. But it is neither easy nor even possible to make an itinerary and have it go as planned. We typically allow at least 1.5 hours for layovers with customs, immigration processes, etc. My point is you can do it all right allowing plenty of extra time and still have problems. Gone are the days when airlines worked with each other to assure customers reach destinations in a timely manner. It will not stop us from traveling, but we no longer plan tours ahead without plenty of buffer time for unexpected delays. Staffing at airline counters is also greatly reduced. Customers need to keep their cool and be aware of additional pressures across the travel industry.
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