I’m planning a family trip to Iceland for next Summer 2023 (June-ish)

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Hello! I’m planning a family trip to Iceland for next Summer 2023 (June-ish).. I’m talking like 12 people family trip! Has anyone planned a trip to Iceland for that many people before? Or more than the average family size? Especially on where you stayed and how you split your time on the Island? We’re thinking about a week and my grandma is 85 (this is her bucketlist dream we’re trying to make happen!)

Any advice or tips would be so appreciated!

Sidenote, any local photographers that you know of in Iceland that would do a family photo shoot for us? Please put your website if you do! Thanks so much!


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Iceland is AMAZING. A week isn't long enough to do the entire Ring Road around the island. But it's good for doing a good part of the southern coast (which we did). I have no ideas about a group that big... perhaps there are travel agents out there that might help with that? That's A LOT of people. Also, you'll need to factor in how active your grandma and the other travelers are. But I'll attach my Google doc that has our trip and some hotel recs on it.
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