How much US dollars I should bring with me in South East Asia?

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I’m planning on staying in South East Asia for around 6-8 months and I was wondering how many US dollars I should bring with me. I’m planning on possibly visiting (parts of) Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

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Only need to bring enough to get you from the airport departures to your first destination, so money for the transport, food, etc. Not worth carrying anything else, ATMs everywhere.

Walking around in Asia is no different to walking around anywhere else. You likely wouldn't carry hundreds of dollars around with you on a normal day in your hometown, so why change when in a new country - especially if that country happens to have a lower socio-economic status

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My view is never carry more cash than you are willing to lose.

We had 3x $100 bills hidden in various places as emergency money, plus $100 we used for visas. Otherwise we withdraw cash from ATMs as we went. Cambodia you can get USD from ATMs as well.

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I’m from the UK but arrived in Thailand last week with no cash - British or foreign. There are ATMs in the airport (just put your card in and it should turn to English - took me way to long to figure this out). Maybe look into getting an international currency card like Currensea or Revolut (check which ones are suitable for US banks), they are linked to your debit card but is a separate card completely. You pay for everything in the local currency so by having one of these you’ll get a good exchange rate (click no on the ATM if it asks you to transfer it to dollars for you - take it out in Baht for example). You then only have to pay the withdrawal fee which has been £5 per transaction in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

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It is a difficult question to answer as it is a very broad one. I also disagree with some points made by others who have answered. Assuming you are a back packer the prices in Japan and Singapore are much higher than the other nations you mention. ATM's are everywhere now, but few dispense dollar. Always use local currencies for transport, and if you get to know the local bus system you will save your self heaps on transport. If you do carry US $ bills make sure they are small bills, or you will get ripped of big time.

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You need at least 3K USD per month you wouldn’t carry 24K USD work you. Or you can just use credit card and pull out cash using the ATM. Also make sure the bank you have reimbursed ATM fees. For example, Charles Schwab for USA

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2000-3000 $ in cash , and the rest on 2-3 creditcards, around 1k per month.

If you use creditcards more often 1500-2000 in cash , rest on cards
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