What jabs I’ll need in my SE Asia trip?

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Hi guys, I’m planning on going to SE Asia next year - Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines and Indonesia, potentially more places if I have the money - and was wondering if anyone has any info on what jabs I’ll need?

Thanks so much

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As always, consult a doctor of pharmacist. In general, I would say Hepatitis A and B and typhoid. And MMR if you'd didn't have this vaccination as a child (varies depending on your home country). Exactly what vaccinations you need vary not only depending on the country, but where in the country you're going, how you'll be living and how long you'll be staying. Given the prevalence of dengue, I would recommend use of mosquito repellent, particularly during the day time.

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We got the hep A, tetanus, diphtheria booster from the docs.

The rest we paid for - Japanese encephalitis, rabies, cholera etc.

We’ve visited the countries you’re heading too and to be honest I’d say just the rabies is the absolute must, incase you go to the monkey places and get bitten as they can be aggressive/steal your possessions it’s not uncommon. As for the rest If you choose not to have them you’ll be fine. Malaria tabs you can pick up out here if you need them.

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It depends where you’re coming from and what you’ve already had. If you’re from the UK just go on boots website, they have a tool where you can enter the places you’re going and it will tell you what’s recommended and you can book an appointment with them.
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