Me and my partner are going travelling for 8 months from February next year

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Hi all, this is a very open ended question - me and my partner are going travelling for 8 months from February next year, we are currently planning at the moment. Is there anything we most know?

How do you know how to get around (trains/buses)?

Do you book hostels as you go along?

I’m very anxious as I find it hard to have a lack of control which I understand I will have to let go of for this trip! If it helps this is our rough itinerary:

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Stick with the loose itinerary, lots of hostels, homestays, hotels etc. to be snapped up and you can find some places for as little as £5 if you’re wanting a private room no shared dorms.

Perhaps book your flights in advance to avoid costly prices.

Use grab as your cheapest option for taxi rides.

Don’t buy the SIM cards at the airport they’re usually double the cost to what’s on the high street.

Lots of travel agents around on the street to help you go into other countries if you decide to take a sleeper bus or whichever, sometimes even the host will/can help you with forwarding travel plans.

Take a travel card like Monzo Revolut or wise they’re handy to have, but you’ll also need to carry cash as a lot of places won’t always take card.

Don’t forget to look into visas for the countries you’re visiting, some places you can get the visa on arrival.

I know Thailand is going up to 45 days visa free.

Vietnam is 2 weeks visa free anything more than that you’ll need a visa, best bet is to just get the 30 day E-visa so you won’t have to leave and come back as your gonna wanna spend some time there.

Same for Cambo and Laos you’ll need a visa for them too.

All are roughly around $30-$35

It’s easier than you think.

Otherwise go with the flow and enjoy your time out, you’re gonna have so much fun.

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If you're just 2 persons I would not worry at all. It's easy to find accommodation in Thailand and Indonesia. Ther is plenty of hostel, rooms, hotels and bungalows to rent for very little money. If you don't like it you can just change the next day.

Most places can also help you with tickets to ferrys, boats and other transports.

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Buy yourself a Lonely Planet guidebook called SE Asia on a Shoestring … you get them on Amazon $15 or in Waterstones book shop if you’re from the UK 🇬🇧… tells you everything you need to know.

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We've only done North Thailand and Laos so far. But here's my two cents, in terms of getting around download the app Grab, it's very handy to give you an estimate on how much the fare should be and if you're stuck can always order a ride through it. In Bangkok we used the public bus, easy once you figure out where which bus goes which isn't difficult at all.

Hostels, we've been booking them a day/the night before we arrive at the place. Gives us more flexibility. We also book 3 days if we're not sure how long we're staying in that place and if we like it then just book at the hostel itself however many more night we plan to stay.

I'd advice to get a simcard if you have an open line phone as everything is so much better/easier to figure out when you have Internet. Get them in 7/11 or phone shops at the country you're at cause airports are sometime more expensive.

And trust me, after the first week or two letting go of control will come easier. Take it from two people who were in the same boat!
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