Can I leverage these skills in combination with your agency and sell it as a service to businesses in my area?

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I Have a question... I have learnt and read about all the things about SEO and have practiced on page SEO and have identified my strengths which are keyword research, content creation, mainly canva  and now I have built a website for myself in WordPress and elementor.

It took me almost one year to educate myself about what SEO was all about.

The question I want to ask is "Can I leverage these skills in combination with your agency and sell it as a service to businesses in my area?" A simple Example would be me cold calling the business in question and telling them that I will rank their GMB listing account to the first place of google search.

Then I will look at services that you provide like PBN'S or GMB listing or social media SEO then I will call or email you to help me and I'll leverage your work with mine and charge that on top of my service to the businesses in my area.

Is this the way how Legiit is used or am I way off? And should I provide my prospects' client's website URL to you so that you could advise me on what other services I should be aware of if my client's website is crap? What is the process for me to acquire your skills? Should I get the prospect's website and send it to you then you tell me what's needed and I charge that to the client plus my fee and profit? What are the steps is what I'm trying to find out so that I can be sure because I like what I'm seeing in this market place called Legiit.

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Think of legiit as a place for outsourcing. Example: you can offer logo design, website design, and social media management as services and use legiit to find quality providers to do the work for you while you control the project and client communication. Each seller has their own pricing and you can add your pricing on top of their's.

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You can't claim that you can rank in the first position, but you can claim the top. It's not ethical to make claims or promises of specific positions. If you're going to use PBNs, you need to know what you're doing, know the difference between a good one and a bad one. Google, Bing, and many other search engines have webmaster resources and guidelines to follow. If you go to the search engine you want to rank in such as Google and type in "[search engine name] webmaster resources", you can usually find their resources and guidelines to follow.
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