Does TikTok or Facebook matter when it comes to Google SEO?

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For those who know the answer to my question: Does TikTok or Facebook matter when it comes to Google SEO?

Post by Chris »

Not to forget the platforms themselves are search engines.

Post by Richard »

Yes they do, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. They all have a trust building factor with each other. Not to mention people from those site can go to your main site and that increases traffic.

Post by Steve »

It's been speculated with Bing, but I haven't tested it or observed it. Definitely not with Google. The reason is that it's too easily gamed. Google+ tried to change that, but failed pretty hard.

Post by Todd »

I heard Facebook and google just recently kissed and made up so although previously it probably didn’t it may be that now it might again, maybe.

Post by Zachary »

No, but if you have an audience on social media it's a good idea to use that to your advantage. It's just not going to do much if anything when it comes to SEO.
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